All Custom Ties

It's Not About Branding, It's About Style! When selecting a tie, the feel of the fabric is extremely important. The term that the tie industry uses to describe a fabric's weight, feel, and texture is called its "hand". There are two basic types of hands:

*Printed Fabrics - Printed designs are produced by using traditional wet-dye process. Screens are prepared by hand and then used to dye the design directly into the goods, resulting in a one of a kind custom designed fabric. Printed ties are naturally lightweight and produce a neater small knot style.

*Woven Fabrics - Jacquard woven, your design is woven directly into the fabric by interweaving pre-dyed yarns to construct a remarkable reproduction of your design. Woven ties are more substantial feeling and yield a slightly heavier knot style.

Digital Print Process is also available for high resolution or graphic designs that are not suitable for the traditional wet dye method. Perfect for rush orders, photographic images and gradient colors.

  • No Charge Setup or Screen
  • Complimentary Virtual Design Presentation
  • Free In-Hand Pre-Pro Sample Included with Order
  • Free Custom Labeling on Orders of 100pcs or More