About Us

Essential Accessories, a division of Sarti Imports, Inc. is one the leading manufacturers of fine and specialty neckwear in the USA. Originally founded by Abraham Schreter in 1894, Essential Accessories remains a reputable provider of premium quality products with a valuable trade name in the industry.

Essential Accessories manufactures neckwear both in its own facilities as well as in other USA - and foreign-based facilities. Our production capacity, whether made in the USA or abroad, is able to accept any size order and deliver it on time. In the USA, Essential Accessories is proud to service several branches of the US military, the US Postal Service, several national airlines including the two largest carriers, museums, well-known hotel chains, national fraternal associations, and the most popular fast-food restaurants. Essential Accessories also services an international clientele, including customers in Europe, Central and South America, and the Middle East.

Essential Accessories distinguishes itself from its competition by providing exceptional service as well as quality products at competitive pricing.